Gift cards for cash: 17 Best Places to Sell Them

Gift cards are always popular gifting options, especially during the holiday season. You can also buy them when you’re unsure of what to get for someone.
Yet, for many who get gift cards every season, it can become a bit difficult – especially when their tastes do not precisely match the cards and when, instead, they would prefer cash. In these situations, what should you do?

Then you could trade or sell your unwanted cars – instead of giving them away. Are you surprised? You don’t have to be. Gift cards can be converted to cash very easily.

In addition, we have compiled a list of the 17 best places to sell gift cards online that can give you immediate cash for them. Check it out.

1. Pls247

If you’re looking to sell a gift card in person, consider visiting your nearest PLS location. Gift cards with a balance above $20 but under $400 are accepted (only new or partially used cards).
Get a free gift card quote by coming into the store. Bring along an ID and a debit or credit card from a state-issued bank.
Your card can then be credited with the money, or you can have it handed over in cash – to spend however you want.

2. QuickcashMI

Company based in Michigan that can be used to sell gift cards online for cash. This platform allows you to buy and sell gift cards safely. Gift cards are purchased and sold on this platform.
Before holding discounted gift cards for sale, QuickcashMI verifies the validity and balance of each card.
After the company verifies the cards and confirms the balance, sellers receive a check in the mail.

3. Raise

You can list your unwanted gift cards – for sale – for a price of your choice on the online marketplace. Raise to trade gift cards for cash.
When a buyer purchases the card, you receive a check or a direct bank/PayPal credit to your account.
SellMeGiftCard is one of the top gift card exchange websites.
As the world’s largest gift card exchange site for Amazon cards, this website is only for people who wish to trade in their Amazon gift cards. An offer is made to the seller once he enters all the basic information about the card(s).
When it’s ok, he will need to enter additional information, like the claims code, card balance, PayPal address, and email address. His PayPal account is credited as soon as the balance has been confirmed.

4. GiftCardBin

You can sell gift cards at any of their 400 partner locations across North America for instant cash or online for a commission.
Those opting for the online option must first create an account and then share their credit card information.
To use the gift card, the sender must send a copy of the email with the transaction number along with the gift card.
Payments are credited via PayPal once they are verified.

5. EJgiftcards

The site offers you a list of major stores and food chains where you can choose a specific gift card to sell. To instantly receive a purchase offer, you need to enter the card balance.
When you’re satisfied with the offer price, you’ll need to enter the correct credit card number and pin. To receive the cash, register and log in to your PayPal account.

6. CardPool

A trusted platform for exchanging gifts cards online. Selling gift cards can earn you up to 92% of their value in cash (depending on the brand).
To get an offer, you need to share your card information online for verification. If you are approved, Cardpool will ask for your card.
Usually, within one business day after receipt, you will be paid by check.

7. CardKangaroo

CardKangaroo requires that users send their excess gift cards for verification and payment after accepting the cash offers they receive from the platform.
Following that, payment is sent by mail (which can take up to a week) or by instant credit using PayPal – whichever the seller prefers.

8. CardSwap

Online gift card exchange popular with Canadians. Gift cards unused/partially used can be sold for up to 92 percent of their value.
Buyers who are interested in acquiring the cards can purchase them from their website.
CardSwap customers who purchase gift cards can also earn SwapPoints – a unique rewards program redeemed for gift cards or cash.

9. CardCash

A fast and easy way to exchange gift cards for cash. Their website will make you an offer once you enter your gift card details.
The card value could end up being as high as 92% if you’re lucky. Your PayPal account is credited with your payment via check or direct credit in a few days.
Your current card can also be exchanged for an entirely new one from the list of brands available.

10. GiftCardSpread

Sellers fill out an online form to fix the price of the gift cards (and any other gifts) they want to sell. You will receive a confirmation or a counter-offer from the website. Within 24 hours after agreeing, the seller must provide his ID and credit card details.
The payment is processed nearly instantly once the credit card information and personal information have been verified.


These sites, as well as those previously mentioned, sell gift cards online. The first step of the sale procedure is for the seller to enter the information on the gift card. He will then receive an email with their best offer.
Sellers are willing to take the risk of selling in-demand cards and can earn up to 90% of their face value if they are eager to sell them. Changing your card is also possible through the website.
Payments are issued within a few days after a transaction is completed.

12. Gift Card Granny

One of the most popular sites for selling gift cards for cash online.
It allows sellers to choose from multiple options, namely.
The card can be listed, and the best offer can be selected – instant cash online.
List their card online with the price they want – it might take longer to sell, but you could make more money.
Using a list of reputable retailers, you can choose the gift card to replace your existing one.


Online gift cards can also be sold at Monstergiftcard. MGC accepts gift cards only with a value of $10-200.
The seller has to register online before matching their credit card with the price being offered online. If accepted, the card and a unique bar code (emailed to the seller) are then sent to the MGC.
If the payment is successful, the check is dispatched within 3-5 business days, or Dwolla credits the account instantly.

Closing Thoughts

Always remember to sell your stack of gift cards shortly after the holiday season since exchange prices tend to drop post-holiday.
Also, if you keep them for a long time, you will be more likely to forget to use them or exchange them for cash.
The last but not least thing you should do is check the balance of another gift card before you close the deal (instead of cash).