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The first thing that comes to your mind after reading the title that , “This can’t be true”.But believe me it is and i will never recommend anything to you unless I have not tried it my self .Of Course i don’t want to give a bad user experience to my users.

You stumbled upon this post because you want to make money so let me take it directly to it,and believe me this thing is going to change the way people make money online.

Things we require to start.

  • A facebook or twitter account
  • A Paypal Account

Dont worry if you dont a paypal account right now , you can hold the eared money till the time your Paypal account gets ready.

So the things I’m going to discuss a trick to shorten links which will generate money for you. Hey Hey Hey don’t get irritated as its not the old methods(few of you may have been tried this is past) like you start an account and share them then finally nothing right ?Here the game is little different , as I said I’ll never ever recommend you to try things unless I give it a try.Here is a screen shot from my Dashboard.


shortest make link short and make money

Now that you have my screenshot as proof, lets get started

So Here Goes the Steps I’ve Done.
+ I Signed Up at URL Shortening website to start a New Account .
+ I selected some of the Local Facebook Groups that I have joined with alteast 100k Members Each
+ The I selected some amazing videos form Youtube and Dailymotion and shorten their url using the website tool
+ After that I guided my friend and said him to do that Job
+ I shared those link instantly on all groups
+ The Best thing is that the members of the groups are eager to watch that kinda videos and they appriciated it too.
+ Fianlly after 20 Days of Instant Sharing We earned $71 and you can just think about my 30 days earning ;).
As per my opinion the shortner I used is the best one in the most paying website in the industry which pays arounf $1.30 /1000 Visits from India.

You can see many other highly paying ones but all are fake and scams so stick on this only.
Advantages of Using are as follows
+ Minimum Payout of $5
+ Good eCPM and Click Value
+ Easy Interface
+ Trustable.
+ You can look google for more proofs.

So guys enjoy the earning if you want a good income online at least to manage our girl friends expense  .

You can sign Up for Free Here

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