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Now even google is in the domain business.The web giant on Monday launched the new google domain service (

This will offer services like domain name registration,hosting along with other features like website builder and email services.With the launch of google domain service ,this brings it in competition with companies like GoDaddy and BigRock. Google’s main focus will be on new top level domains like .guru , .menu and . photography instead the of the more familiar .com type of website address.

How ever the service is not open to public yet , for now you will require an invitation code to buy or transfer domain on google. Google announced the offering via a post on the Google+ Your Business account, saying, “We’re beginning to invite a small number of people to kick the tires on Google Domains, a domain registration service we’re in the process of building.”


Google in the past has taken many initiative to help small business grow online.So next time when you list your business on google maps or open a business account on google plus don’t get surprise if you get an invitation from google to register your domain with them.

Google always does it perfectly. Google domain services will be hell lot of services which existing domain service providers has been charging heftily for. Like no additional cost for private registration,upto 100 free email aliases for your domain and ┬ácustomizable sub-domains. The most reliable service about google domain services is that it will be using the same DNS servers as Google’s other sites.

Till date, Godaddy has been able tap the domain market by brushing aside most of the competition in this space.Google Domains could hugely shake up the vertical, and this is particularly true in developing markets like India, where the industry is currently wide open.

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