Upto 200% increase in cPanel Pricing, cheaper alternatives to look for

cPnael shocked the hosting industry by increasing their prices without any announcements by 200% with several other limitations. This might force some of the hosting providers to look for other cheaper options.

With the new prices effective immediately the new prices are as follows:-

Admin– $20 (upto 5 accounts)

Pro– $30 (upto 30 accounts)

Premier– $45 (upto 100 accounts)

In the Premier pack each Account above 100 Accunts $0.20 each

The prices earlier were as follows:-
cPanel Solo – $15/month,

cPanel and WHM VPS – $20/month (or $200/year),

Dedicated version – $45/month or $425/year.

With the new pricing there is no yearly plans as well. All the yearly plans has been chopped to monthly subscription.

In the current competitive hosting market passing the pricing will be a very teadius task. This might force some hosting providers to look for other cheaper options like DirectAdmin and plesk.

Since the pricing has been announced the company’s own website is under severe DDoS attacks.