NASSCOM sets up a task force to end the cyber crime in India

As we all know that NASSCOM i.e, National Association of Software and Services Companies and DSCI i.e, Data Security Council of India both regulate the cyber related crimes, researches and development on cyber security and also responsible for making free from cyber crimes in the country.


On Monday, both NASSCOM and DSCI announced that they will settle a task force that aims to be making India as a global level cyber security hub and the cyber security related solutions to the world.And this task force will also be responsible for cyber security related researchers and developments moreover.Cyber-Crime


The NASSCOM team said that the aims of the task force would be to provide the whole country free from the cyber related crimes.NASSCOM has been also revealed that the members of the task force will included of highly skilled and workforce of experiences in the domain.The main motive behind establishment of the task force is to build the whole country free from cyber related crimes,to providing cyber related solutions, to make a plan for research and development of cyber security,and also responsible for develop a highly skilled workforce of cyber security experts.

NASSCOM decided that the members of the task force team will include from the top leading industries and companies like the prominent experienced person from the IT industries, and the user organisations like telecom sector companies and the banks and also from the prominent representatives from the government and its academia.The NASSCOM, president R. Chandrashekhar said that the task force team will be constituted just in a month.

The NASSCOM head, R. Chandrashekhar said that the NIIT head Rajendra Pawar will be the head of the task force team.The main vision behind to build the task force is to increase the share of IT cyber security industries from 1% ┬áto 25% till 2025.The main motive behind to build the Task force team is assigned accordingly to the honourable prime minister Mr.Narendra modi’s vision to build our country free from cyber security attacks.


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