Microsoft opened an ‘online Store’ on Snapdeal After Amazon

  • Deovrat 

According to PTI, The US based largest software company Microsoft has opened a US based branded an Online Store with the country’s largest eCommerce company Snapdeal.This Microsoft online store will consist of Microsoft’s full-range products for e.g, Phones,Tablets,PCs and softwares.



According to earlier news,Microsoft had partnered with Amazon India to launch a brand store to sell the products of its company online means the microsoft online store on Amazon offers the products like Windows,windows phones,tablets,PCs,MS office and Xbox and manymore.To be noted that The microsoft online store on Snapdeal will not selling its Xbox One and Xbox 360.because  the Amozon India will already sell the Xbox One and Xbox 360 in the country.

The senior vice president of Snapdeal ‘Electronics and Home deptt. said-we are very pleased to opening of Microsoft online stote on Snapdeal by partnering with Snapdeal.And in a also said that Microsoft online store on Snapdeal will found by ‘‘ and it also has been customized to offer an integrated windows customer experience.

The main view of launching an online store on Snapdeal is to incresing the number of windows user customers so that Microsoft is able to deliver the microsoft’s products and services through their online store to those customers.The reason behind partnering with Smapdeal will help us those more customers and it offers choices, values, and services that the customers aspect from the Microsoft products.

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