Learn To Schedule Text Messages On iPhone

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Learn to schedule text messages on iPhone

Schedule text messages on iPhone

Schedule text messages on iPhone

Apps like whatsapp and messenger has surely taken over this traditional way of messaging, but still this service persists and can be a totally savior when it comes to scheduling and sending text messages.Well if you are kind of person who finds it hard to remember dates and eventually ends up forgetting to wish your friends or family members on their special days,then this is the app for you.And all you need to do is to install the SMS scheduler app on your iPhone and schedule the text message for a specified date and time and automatically the message will be sent at that time.Follow the complete step by step guide discussed below.

Steps to Schedule text messages on iPhone

1.First of all download the SMS scheduler app on your iPhone and then install it.
2.Once the installation is complete,you need to launch the app and then type the message you want to schedule.
3.Now add the recipient to whom you want to send the schedule SMS.

SMS scheduling process

4. Now you need to set a particular date and time for the scheduled message and for that simply edit the date and time of the message.


5.Thats it, the message has been scheduled in your iPhone and will be automatically send at the specified date and time.Any changes to the message text or time can be made at a later staze.

Some of the interesting features of the SMS Scheduler App are:

1.The SMS Scheduler App comes with a ‘Reminder’ option so that a reminder is sent to the iPhone before the message is sent.You can also edit or delete the message once you get the reminder.
2.Freedom to edit,delete or review your scheduled message at any point of time.
3.The app uses your own network provider to sent the message.
4.No third party involvement.
5.Exercise complete over your scheduled message.

Now when you know how to schedule messages on iPhone, you can easily schedule any number of messages for your friends,family members or important business members and avoid missing out any important event.For any queries related to this, please comment below.







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