I wish this app was made before I joined school.What’s so special about this app?Find out here.

If you were made to stand out of your classroom for not finishing your maths homework, this post is going to make you envy the kids of today.

Image source-dyslexia.ie
Image source-dyslexia.ie

Most of us were haunted by the tough mathematical problems when we were kids.Luckily enough,today’s kids could easily find the answer to a maths problem just by using an application on their android phone.That’s right!!! This legendary app is PHOTOMATH and it has taken the education world by storm ever since it was released.

Photomath uses your mobile camera to read and solve mathematical problems.You just have to point your camera to a math equation and Photomath instantly displays the answer.Not just that, it displays the steps which are required to solve the problem as well.Currently, it supports basic arithmetic,fractions,linear equations,decimal numbers and several functions like logarithms.

Steps to use PHOTOMATH to solve your mathematical problems

Step 1: Open google play store in your phone and look up for the app PHOTOMATH. Install the app in your smartphone.


Step 2: Once the app has been installed, go through the free tutorial provided by the app.


Step 3: At the end of the tutorial you will be redirected towards the main page of the app where you will see a camera.PHOTOMATH 3

Step 4: Next, using your camera, scan the mathematical question.It automatically scans your question and displays the answer in an instant.


In case it couldn’t solve your question,this app gives you an option to send feedback with the question seeing which their help team immediately comes to rescue. PHOTOMATH works best in case of printed questions.However,if the question is handwritten,it fails to detect the problems sometimes due to low resolution.

So,overall it’s a great app to solve mathematical problems and is equally beneficial for students as well as their teachers as it helps the teachers check the answers in a fast manner.