How to Remove Facebook Virus Which Posts Adult Images Automatically

These days even the most secure is not secure. We have heard or seen people posting nude and dirty picture on their Facebook page and for a moment we are like “Woo!!  what’s wrong with you man “, and more over you see multiple people tagged in the post. The worst part is that you can delete it  and that post keep coming again and again.

The like one  in the image below:-

facebook virus adult post


These things occurs because of two reasons:-

1. You might have downloaded some software which added plugins to your browser and these plugins cause the problem

2. Your computer is under virus attack or some malicious files had got into your computer because of downloading stuffs from untrusted sources like torrent.

How to get rid of these viruses and stop the post coming up again

1. The very first things you need to do is change your Facebook password.

2. The post will keep on coming again and again even if you delete them and sometimes even the delete or remove button is not available.

3. Uninstall the Facebook App from your smart phone.

4.Deactivate your Facebook this will prevent posting more such dirty posts and will save you the embarrassment  .

5 Lastly scan you computer using a good antivirus.

6.Login your Facebook after few hours, and you are good to go.

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