Great Alternative to Adobe Creative Cloud Apps

Adobe creative cloud offers a great set of apps for creators of all levels.

With plans starting at 10$ per month and going from there depending on what price you choose.

In this post you will get to know about great creative cloud alternative including Photoshop and Premier Pro.

Adobe light is a photo editing and management tool all in one.

Raw Therapy- it’s great at editing raw photo format along with other formats. Though it doesn’t include great user interface but if does include many features like lightroom, including non destructive editing and batch processing.

It’s available for Windows Mac and Linux.

Dark Table is another lightroom alternative that some people prefer over RawTherapy. In addition to its cleaner looking interface it also offers non-restrictive editing so your original images are never modified.

It can also import many variety of raw, HDR and other formats.

Dark Table is available for Linux Mac and various other Linux distributions.

Alternative To Adobe Photoshop

GIMP- Adobe Photoshop is the king in term of popularity in terms of other image editing software. Dispite it’s awkward name the best alternative to Adobe Photoshop is GIMP. This professional quality image editor has so many features that you won’t miss using Photoshop, including layers, filters drawing tools and whole lot of other features.

It supports most of the popular file formats and plugins can be added to give you more control. Though the interface was not so good until recently when it came up with an update. The new interface is very impressive.

GIMP is available for Linux Mac and Windows.

Adobe illustrator is a vector graphics editor that is used to draw illustration, diagrams, charts, logo. When creating new artwork use illustrator or something similar. A vector graphics will never lose it’s quality if it’s scaled up or down.

Inkscape- If you work with vector graphics then best free alternative will be Inkscape. There are various tools for object creation and manipulation. If have used illustrator in the past you will have not trouble figuring out how to use Inkscape.

It is available on Linux Mac and Windows.

Adobe after effects is an excellent tool for creating Visual effects and motion graphics.

Blender- While there is no free alternative that shares the full feature set of after effects Blender is a powerful tool that many people use that can give you same result as Adobe counterpart.

In fact Blender is preferred by many professional to create 3D visual effects and animated graphics.

You must have seen a lot of things on TV and movies that have been created using Blender. Like the other programs that we are talking about, Blender is open source and available on Windows Mac and Linux.