Facebook to Provide free Internet Via Drones

  • Deovrat 

Robots and drones are the future of technology.Many robots,drones and humanoids have been released in the recent.After the launch of Google’s delivery drones the world is ready to witness new sets of drones which will bamboozle the world with its wonders.Internet.org a project coordinated by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced the release of new drones which will be functional by 2015. Via these drones Mark is on a mission to connect the entire human population to the world wide web even to those living in the remote area.


These drones having ┬ámultitude to satellites adorned with infra-red lasers are suppose to enable the internet service reach even the remote location.. Mark’s inception for this project is to reveal the world to vast amount of information available .This project will also expose Facebook to a much greater level than it is now.This may sound little selfish though very effective.
The project is definitely is going to be a expensive one but the makers are sure that it will meet with the cost and profits parameters.The minds behind the world’s longest flying solar-powered unmanned craft called Zephyr will be backing this project by joining the Facebook Connectivity Lab on this venture

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