11 proven ways to earn money online in India

11 proven ways to earn money online in India

Here I can tell you the methods that I am using for the last two years to earn money online in India. I spent more than eight months learning all like writing, website designing & SEO. When I was learning all these methods, I was earning nothing.

If you want overnight success so this is not for you. I recommend you don’t waste your time here.

I am sure about,” you can not earn money without hard work”-

1.Make sure you can not make money overnight through the internet

2.All copy-paste, data entry work mostly scam (NOT ALL)

You can earn a lot of money online in India, but you need –

1.Regular internet connection at your home or your office

2.One PC or laptop

3. Most Important! a method that gives you a startup

4.At least six month wait time to get your first online income

My experience

I was running my IT institute for the last seven years & it was earning good but as you all know that YOU-TUBE platform gives( in my case! all students) us a way to learn online quickly. It reduced my institute’s monthly earning, and it was the time when I think about online money-making in my country because most of the people are earning online.

I was running an Institute, so I have enough knowledge to learn new ways to earn money online in India.

Now! I am earning decent money, and I am happy with it. It was increasing day or even night when I was sleeping.

In this article, I am sharing all the ways to help you earn money online, and I am also using these of myself (not all).

1# Short jobs to earn money online in India.

You all know that Intenet is a sea of opportunities. Suppose you have less time and need instant money so you can start temporary jobs like LOGO MAKING, TYPING WORK, SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTION ETC. You hear about fiverr.com; here, you can start earning money from $5 or more.

2# Freelancing jobs

You can start freelancing jobs to help others. A lot of online websites are waiting for you. You can register with those websites and start freelancing. For example, if I know how to write a good article and I am passionate about it. So, I can begin writing an ‘article’ job as a freelancer.

Note: Please make sure you don’t lose your current job (9 to 5) still, you don’t get a decent earning from your online method. At least wait for the next six months after receiving your first payout online.

3# Become an online teacher to earn money online in India

You can be an online teacher if you have enough knowledge or an expert in any field to sell your experience online. In my case, I am a programmer, and I have a decent understanding of C & C++ programming. So, I started online teaching. You can also do it if you have teaching skills.

4# Make Money by Social Media

Don’t confuse social media earning; yes, you can make a lot of money with your social media. Most people are using social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc., for sharing information or photos, but you can start earning money online with it. You can make a Facebook page and make it popular. Once it ranks good & has more than lacks fans, you can show different companies’ ads and earn good money.

5# Earn online money by Blogging (I am using)

I recommend this method, and I am earning with this. You can make money online in India through your blog easily. Also, you can sell affiliate products with it. Ensure that if you recommend any work as an affiliate, you should use that product before suggesting it to your readers.

If you don’t know about Blogging, read my below articles –

#1 Start your blog

#2 Best niche for Blogging

You can make a blog (website) and write some articles & show ads through AdSense or other advertising media. You can also directly approach companies to add showing and earn good money through your blog.

6# Make money with affiliate marketing

You can make huge money by affiliate marketing even you don’t need any website, but if you have that will help you to increase your earning by 300%.

Make your affiliate account with any company that is paying for every sale like amazon (I prefer), eBay, etc. You can simply market that product on your web page, Facebook, or other social media website and earn money on each sale.

I am earning 27% of my total earning from amazon affiliate.

7# Sell your domain

You can buy a domain at a low price & sell them at a high. But you need a few bucks instantly to invest in this. It is a pure buy and sells the business, and also it has risked, so you can lose your money. You can start with one or two domains, and once you sell them, then again buy more domains. It will keep you away from losing more money. Also, if you already have domain(s) so you can sell them on flippa.com.

Personally, I am not using this method to earn money online.

8# Website Designing

Suppose you are a website designer, so it is an easy method to earn money online. You can earn a good amount of money for your living. I am also using this method to earn money online. I have more than 50 domestic clients in different cities. If you don’t know how to design a website, you can learn website designing through many websites like w3schools.com, etc. Also, you can purchase online courses.

9# SEO services

I think you that what is SEO? Let me explain in my words.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is used to increase your website/blog ranking. When any person searches in search engines like Google, your website will rank. You can offer this service to anybody who has a website or blog.

It is two types-

1. Onpage SEO

2. Off-page SEO

When you do on-page SEO, it means you are optimizing your website page for a good ranking. It is done with the help of keyword research, meta description, placement of keywords in your Content.

Off-page SEO is the technique that helps you to make your web page popular in social media, similar blogs, or websites through backlinks.

This is not enough to explain this topic here, but definitely, in the future, I will make a separate article for SEO.

10# Sell photos online

If you are a good photographer and you have a good collection so you can sell all photos online and earn some decent earning online.

There is a number of big sites like Shutterstock, Fotolia, iStockPhoto, Photobucket where you can submit your photos.

Whenever someone wants to buy your photos, you will get paid as per the price. You can get paid multiple times for the same photos.

11# YouTube Channel

This is my favorite online money making option. I personally use it for my online earning. Yes, guys, you can also earn through your you-tube channel. This is the easiest method without spending a single dollar. You need a Gmail id.

There are many you-tubers who are earning good money. Currently, I am not because I recently started my channel. I hope that with your good blessings, my channel will grow in the future.

These are the 11 proven ways to Earn Money Online in India. We have other options too, but in this article, I selected a few best ways.

You can either choose one or two methods at a time to earn money online.

Make sure you need high concentration as well as dedication to get paid by online monsters. Online money making needs some time as well as skill to convey to your readers.

Keep in mind, Content is the king, and it should be correct and useful for readers. They must like it if it is.

My Last Words:

All the above methods are good, and you can earn by any of these methods. So enjoy earning.

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