Complete SEO check list for 2017, OnPage and OffPage

Complete SEO checklist with both on-Page and Off-Page techniques included.

Phase I :

Website Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Content Writing
KW Research
KW Mapping
KW Ranking

Phase II :
On page:

Meta tags :
Title (use modifiers like: 2016, best, top)
Meta Robots
Meta Keywords

Domain Name/URL Structure
Heading tag
Content (Length, KW Density, Proximity, Prominence)
Text to html ratio : 10%< ratio <60%
Image optimization
Internal Linking
External linking(Outbound /Inbounds links)
Structure of site
SEO Redirection
Site speed
Responsive Design
Dwell time(use long and interesting content to increase dwell time)
Caching URL
Markup structured data
Google analytics
Diswao tool
Custom 404 error message

Off page/Link Building:

Types of links to be generated :

1. Links to your homepage
2. Links to “deep” pages (such as product or category pages)
3. Links containing your brand / company name
4. Links containing the keywords you’re targeting

SEO factors for choosing a websites to generate inbound links(links to your websites)

Domain Authority
DoFollow & Nofollow
Spam Score/Signals
User Engagement
Host Page’s Quality
Host Page’s Topical Authority/Relevency
Moz Rank
Ads Control(linked page have less ads)
Link Placement
Anchor Text
Author Rank
Host Page’s Site Thickness
Internal Links
Prior Links from Host Site

Important activities to performed for Link building :

Social Sharing
Image sharing
Video Submission
PPT. Submission
PDF Submission
Question & Answers
Search Engine Submission
Directory Submission
Forum Marketing
Business Reviews
Local Listings
Blogs creation
Social Profile/Pages creation
Blog Commenting
Guest Blogging