Tips To Increase The Smartphone Life

7 Tips To Increase The Smartphone Life

7 Tips For Smartphone Users To Increase The Smartphone Life

1.Switching off your smartphone once in a while

The most important and the simplest thing that we can do to increase the life of our smartphone is to switch it off once in a while,probably during the weekends or in days when the calls flow are least.This simple exercise provides sufficient time to the smartphone battery to cool off and also puts it off from the continuous cycle of charging and use,thereby increasing the battery life.This will also prevent problems of battery over-heating or battery draining faster.

2.Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions to be kept off when not in use

Keeping the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions ON even if they are not in use will unnecessarily drain your smartphone battery.When these functions are turned On your battery is certainly going to consume more battery then it would consume during regular use.The best practice would be to keep them disabled by default and open only when needed.

3.Avoid exposing your smartphone to extreme weather conditions

Not every smartphone manufactured is capable of standing out in extreme weather conditions i.e. to extreme hot or cold weather temperatures.Therefore it is advisable to use your smartphone only under normal conditions when the temperature is between 0 to 30 degree celsius.

4.Stop putting your phone on charge all night 

It may feel super convenient leaving your phone on charge all night but its actually a very bad idea.The reason being once your phone gets fully charged after that for the rest of the night the excessive flow of current which is not needed by the battery tends to damage the battery plus it is wastage of the energy source too.Experts say that your battery performs best when you plug it from charge before it completes 100%.

5.Don’t wait for your battery to drain to 0% before you charge it

According to Shane Brodsky, the founder of Farbe Technik company which manufactures chargers and mobile accessories, the mostly lithium-ion batteries performs best when charged between 50% to 80%.He adds that maintaining the battery at normal level i.e.between 50% to 80% by charging at regular short intervals provides enough energy to the ions so that they work continuously and also extends the battery life.Charging battery is similar to taking diet avoid huge evening meal just small ones during the day.

6.Use only original phone chargers

Use only original chargers of the particular brand for charging your smartphone as every charger is developed with an estimated charging capability for your phone.Therefore duplicate chargers or chargers of different brand might interfere with the ideal estimated charging capability of your phone resulting in damage of battery or even fire in extreme cases.

7.Weekly cleaning and sanitizing the visible and accessible parts of your smartphone.

Your smartphone attracts dust and moisture every time you take it out.Therefore make a habit of cleaning all the outer surfaces of your smartphone especially the charging and the headphone port once a week using a lint-free cloth.Not only it makes your smartphone look new but also increases it life.