TamilRockers: Download Bollywood, Hollywood and Hindi Dubbed Movies (October)

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Since you have come to this post it clearly means that you want to download a movie. Recently the movie Lion King has been leaked by this piracy website. If you are new to the word of movie downloading then you might not have heard of Tamilrockers.

Even though the website is blocked by the government people still access this website using a proxy. The domain tamil rockers .com is no longer available and it has been blocked by the government.

For your information in the world of Pirated Movies Tamilrockers is a very famous name. Even though this is a pirated website still people love to come to this website to download Tamil movies. , In a nutshell, this a free movie downloading website so you don’t need to pay anything to download a movie.

War full movie leaked online by Tamilrockers

At Tamilrockrs you can download movies in different languages. It’s quite amazing about this website that a movie is available on this website even before the releases. This website has been banned by the govt too. So, if you want to know more about pirated movies keep reading the article.

Tamilrockers ranks probably one in the field of pirated movies. Not just in India, Tamilrockers is a famous pirated movie download website in the world. This website is always first in making new movies available for download.

On this website, you will find an enormous number of movies listed in the category. All movies are first arranged section-wise and each section is arranged alphabetically. This makes the website easy to navigate.  The available formats are:-

  • HDRip
  • BluRay
  • HDTC
  • DVDscr

If you are interested in downloading movie in lower size like 300mb Movies for that also this website has a separate section.

Downloading movie from this website can be dangerous as the online activity is being monitored by the government. So it is advised to download a movie using a VPN form this website. Other disadvantages of this website that before downloading a movie from this website you will have to go through a plethora of ads. Afterall ads are the main revenue source of this movie.

Tamilrockers leaked HD Tamil, Malayalam Movie Download

Here you will find information on how to download movie from Tamilrockes.
You can be punished for downloading movie form Tamilrockes. This is a movie pirated website. Pirated movies are movies that are copied from the original movies illegally. So this makes Tamilrockes completely illegal.

Even after all the efforts from the govt they are not able to curb this website. They keep changing their URL very frequently. Once one of the URL is blocked they come up with other URLs. That’s, why to stop them, is very hard. They also have a channel on telegram.

Tamilrockers Spread Virus

This website has been accused of spreading deadly virus-like Spyware and rootkit. They infect your device via their advertisement. On the advertisement displayed by Tamilrockers, you are taken to a download link and then something malicious is downloaded to your device.

To interact in a better way with the audience Tamilrockers also have a forum. Here you can request your favourite movie and by hook or crook, they will make the movie available to you.

Few of the movie URLs that have been active over the years:

Famous movies Pirated on Tamilrockers

Over the year a lot of famous movies have been pirated on Tamilrockers. This has caused a great loss to the film industry.

Lion King Leaked in Tamilrockers
Kadaram Kondan full movie leaked online by Tamilrockers
iSmart Shankar leaked online