3 Ways How Google is Changing Nature of SEO

SEO is something that happens when everything is put in right place, we just can’t try for SEO.

Google the search engine giant is working on the same fact. A few years back SEO was a knowledge to manipulate the Google search result. But these Google has taken over the SEO world and is no longer ready to be manipulated. Google’s prime focus is to provide the user with the most appropriate result.

So how is it going to decide the future of SEO:-

1. SEO is no more just a trick, its about building a brand

With the launch of Panda and Penguin algorithm google made to clear to the webmaster’s community that it will not tolerate manipulative results in its search ranking. Thus making the link building, keywords and PageRank an obsolete thing. High-quality content and brand building is still the key role in SEO as it were in the past.

So a advice to SEO professionals that work on branding and content rather than manipulation techniques.

2. Google is no more “just” a search engine

After all its all about business. Though Google started as a search engine and still continues to do that job now it has become more precise and focused. It has become a leader in consumer behavior, knowledge graph which helps to determine what the searcher whats.

These days search results are location-based like “bars in Navi Mumbai”,”java classes in Noida”. All these results requires location information through the map. Then comes the google ads or AdWords with pushes the organic search result few hundred pixels below with paid ads on the top. In this way  number-one ranking has lost a significant amount of value and visibility.

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3. Link building has a new definition now

Imagine a situation that Google is no longer there, how would you drive somebody to your website. You might put a link to your website on some blog or ask somebody to put your website link on their blog/website. You might share it on the social media. So the link building is still relevant.

Google has stopped considering the inbound link as a factor to a rank search result as the link may be paid (which Google hates the most).