Big Collection of Quotes for Broken Hearts

  1. Intuitions never lie.
  2. Distance relationships are exceptions.
  3. Taking to a girl doesn’t come with a manual.
  4. Two proper nouns separated by a conjunction.
  5. Once you let the darkness inside it never comes out.
  6. Far worse than being broken is watching the ones you love, break.
  7. Well, I am gonna remember that you said that … for my bad days.
  8. If amnesia ever comes to a bargain, I would give my everything, to keep that night.
  9. She was a woman, a delicate woman at the best of times. They are moved by desires unknown by the man that place trust in them.
  10. To all faithful lovers – don’t do more than what is required. As a human, you will expect something in return, not always monetary but emotionally too.