6 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Amazon Affiliate Site:

If you are a blogger and focusing on affiliate earnings. Then you have probably heard about Amazon Niche. However, to build an Amazon niche based website, you need to take care of quite a lot of research. Content Strategies for an Amazon Affiliate, Such as keyword research, competitor analysis, website theme, and plugins.

However, in this article, we will not be talking about anything related to blogging. Instead here are the WordPress plugins for Amazon Affiliate Site. These plugins will help you to make your Amazon niche website look better and user-friendly.

So let’s jump into the topic:

Easy Azon:

EasyAzon WordPress Plugin is a popular amazon plugin affiliate plugin that almost everyone uses. The plugin is available as a free and premium version. Talking about the plugin, well using EasyAzon you do not need to leave your WP dashboard. Everything can be done via the WP dashboard. Suppose you choose your Amazon niche product to be microwave oven, you can quickly create amazon product links and insert them into your blog posts.

One of the great features of the plugin in making the best out of the servicing categories within form of Oasis Natural Cleaning is that the blog reader can add a product to their Amazon cart straight from your website. This extends the commissionable period of time by 90 days. However, this feature is available only with the premium version.

Talking about the free version, well the free version of the plugin will allow you to create Amazon links and help you to insert them into a blog post.  

Amazon Auto Links:

Amazon Auto Links can be a great alternative if you do not wish to spend some bucks on some premium plugins. The plugin is completely free, and it offers you shortcodes along with a shortcode builder. Using the plugin, you will be able to generate Amazon product lists. Also, there is a tool which you can use to insert ads automatically to a specific part.

However, with the plugin, you will not get so many premium features. But as we are talking about a free plugin over here, so we can’t complain much.

Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin:

The Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin can help you to insert affiliate links into your WooCommerce website. The best thing about this plugin is that, whenever a visitor clicks on the add to cart button on your website. The product gets added to the Amazon website. This way the user faces a hassle-free purchasing experience, and at the same time, you get the commision.

You can also fetch data like product price, description, and many other things. However the plugin is not free, nor there is a free version available for the product.

Amazon Link Engine by Geniuslink:

At the next, we have the Amazon Link Engine by Genius link. Talking about the Genius link, well it is an online service that helps you in localizing your Amazon links. The tools localize a product link on the basis of a product ID. However, sometimes the product ID does not work, and this is the case that happens with most of the Amazon niche plugins.

However, Amazon Link Engine is an advanced tool that can localize a product on the different basis. Hence this is the best tool out there. The Amazon Link engine is free to use a plugin. However, the Genius link service is not absolutely free.

JoomDev WP Pros & Cons:

If you want to add pros and cons to your blog posts and looking for a table, then you can try out the JoomDev WP Pros & Cons. The plugin is easy to setup, just download and install the plugin to your WordPress website, and you are all set to use it. You can even add an HTML or PHP code to generate the table or choose to not have such a table like in the website best espresso machine

The plugin will help you to add pros and cons to your blog posts along with a buy now link. You can even make changes in the design by going to the settings page.

Amazon Affiliate for WordPress:

In the end, we have the Amazon Affiliate for WordPress. The plugin is as same as the EasyAzon. This means the plugin will help you to insert Amazon product links and localize them. But apart from that, it can also help you to automatically update the price of a product via API. You can create product comparison tables without inserting information manually.

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However, it is not a free plugin. Those were the WordPress plugins for Amazon Affiliate Site. Now go ahead and check these plugins out and see what is working the best for you. Also for any questions, you can comment below.