Tips To Increase The Smartphone Life

7 Tips To Increase The Smartphone Life

7 Tips For Smartphone Users To Increase The Smartphone Life 1.Switching off your smartphone once in a while The most important and the simplest thing that we can do to increase the life of our smartphone is to switch it off once in a while,probably during the weekends or in days when the calls flow are least.This simple exercise provides sufficient time to the smartphone battery to cool off and

I wish this app was made before I joined school.What’s so special about this app?Find out here.

If you were made to stand out of your classroom for not finishing your maths homework, this post is going to make you envy the kids of today. Most of us were haunted by the tough mathematical problems when we were kids.Luckily enough,today’s kids could easily find the answer to a maths problem just by using an application on their android phone.That’s right!!! This legendary app is PHOTOMATH and it

How to Know the Sender’s Location In Gmail

How to Know the Sender’s Location in Gmail

Many a times we come across certain suspicious or unknown emails in our Gmail account and are unable to figure out or identify the sender.Well in that case you can atleast trace the location of the sender through the method discussed below and knowing the sender’s location will certainly give a better insight in identifying the sender.Gmail by default provides a complete detail of every email in its header file

Top 5 Website Design Companies of Mumbai

Below Are The Top 5 Website Design Companies of Mumbai 1.Cyber Rafting – Located in the heart of Navi Mumbai i.e. Vashi, it has been the leading company for website design and development and all types of digital marketing.Whether its a requirement of a mobile app or a company website or even a blog,or SEO services for an existing website, this is a one-stop solution for all your internet marketing

Why Bluehost is the best Hosting Provider for WordPress

You would realize that at present this site is facilitated with Bluehost and I generally value their backing in light of the fact that they truly merit. In any case, if there should be an occurrence of Bluehost India facilitating a couple of things may frustrate you, for example, the absence of live talk bolster alternative, without toll telephone support and so forth yet at the same time numerous things