How to Sync Google contacts with Xiaomi and MIUI

Even though Xiaomi is a Chinese Mobile Phone with international firmware having Google services and the Play Store unlike their Chinese counterparts, there will always be some issues with syncing their contacts like always. The problem is caused due to an interference between MIUI and the phone system, but there is always a solution to … Read more

5 Best Free Screen Recorder for Windows 10

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List of Important National Weeks International Days and Weeks

Here is the list of all Important international and national days for exam preparation and other general purposes. This list includes dates in history and the medical field too. Important National and International days in January 01 January – New Year 12 January- Birthday of Swami Vivekananda 14 January- Pongal, Sankranti 15 January- Thiruvalluvar Day, … Read more

Complete SEO check list for 2017, OnPage and OffPage

Complete SEO checklist with both on-Page and Off-Page techniques included. Phase I : Website Analysis Competitor Analysis Content Writing KW Research KW Mapping KW Ranking Phase II : On page: Meta tags : Title (use modifiers like: 2016, best, top) Description Meta Robots Meta Keywords Domain Name/URL Structure Heading tag Content (Length, KW Density, Proximity, Prominence) … Read more