Upto 200% increase in cPanel Pricing, cheaper alternatives to look for

cPnael shocked the hosting industry by increasing their prices without any announcements by 200% with several other limitations. This might force some of the hosting providers to look for other cheaper options. With the new prices effective immediately the new prices are as follows:- Admin– $20 (upto 5 accounts) Pro– $30 (upto 30 accounts) Premier– $45 (upto 100 accounts) In the Premier pack each Account above 100 Accunts $0.20 each

100 Cool Whatsapp Status for Programmers and Coders

UPDATED JULY 2019 Below are some of the witty one-liners that only a programming nerd will understand. So if you are a programmer or a coder or a software engineer these funny oneliners can be used as your WhatsApp status or your FaceBook update. These coding status are very funny and will crack you up. These are quite an intelligent status and suits a geeky person. List of best WhatsApp status for

Solved: The encryption method specified is not supported

You stumbled upon this article after you failed to understand why you were not able to configure you Cpanel based webmail on your Outlook 2007 on probably a window machine. I ran into a similar problem few days back . I installed a fresh setup of WHM and activated on of my doamin on it. You will See on the following error message Solution Most likely you are using an

How to Install WHM on Cent OS 7 on a Digital Ocean Droplet

Digital ocean is one the leading cloud hosting provider. They provide the most cost-effective cloud services available in the market. The lowest being as low as $5 a month. If You already know how to create a digital ocean droplet then you can skip to the WHM installation part.If you are just starting out you can follow along. Open an account with Digital Ocean You can sign up with them

11 Awesome Digital Marketing and SEO Ideas for Doctor

Becoming a Doctor is itself an uphill struggle. Congratulations on that, but as they say life is a constant struggle. You perhaps landed on this article because now you are looking for ways to get more patients. After all whats a doctor without a patient. Whether you are running a big or medium size hospital, you have a clinic or you just want to make your practice visible on the internet,