Starting at ₹499 Airtel International Roaming Plan for Thailand

Thailand is one of the most visited countries in India. More than 32.59 million foreign guests visit Thailand per year. They visit for Tourism and Medical purpose. In the last few years, Thailand has seen more than 15% Increase in Indian tourists visiting Thailand. In recent times Thailand has removed visa fees for Indian Tourists. Here is the list of Roaming Pack for Thailand ₹499 Roaming Pack for Thailand Validity:

Complete List of Streaming Service In India

With the Internet reaching more and more people streaming service are now catching up in India. Online Video Streaming services are now catching up in India. Here I have compiled some of the most famous video streaming websites in India. Streaming Services In India Netflix Founder: Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph Founded: 1997 CEO: Reed Hastings Subscription Price:  ₹500/Month (1 Screen at a time), ₹ 600/Month(2 Screen at a time),

Upto 200% increase in cPanel Pricing, cheaper alternatives to look for

cPnael shocked the hosting industry by increasing their prices without any announcements by 200% with several other limitations. This might force some of the hosting providers to look for other cheaper options. With the new prices effective immediately the new prices are as follows:- Admin– $20 (upto 5 accounts) Pro– $30 (upto 30 accounts) Premier– $45 (upto 100 accounts) In the Premier pack each Account above 100 Accunts $0.20 each

100 Cool Whatsapp Status for Programmers and Coders

UPDATED JULY 2019 Below are some of the witty one-liners that only a programming nerd will understand. So if you are a programmer or a coder or a software engineer these funny oneliners can be used as your WhatsApp status or your FaceBook update. These coding status are very funny and will crack you up. These are quite an intelligent status and suits a geeky person. List of best WhatsApp status for