The Five Star Property Hyatt Hotels Payment System Hacked

  • Deovrat 
Image Source- diginomica

Image Source- diginomica

Year 2015 has witnessed some big hacking incidents from around  the world which includes Aisle Madison,Opium and Junior Firewall hacking.According to the recent news the world famous five star property Hotel Hyatt have found malware in its system.The company currently operates in 52 countries with their 627 five star hotels.

According to the company, its payment processing system was breached through malware.The company confirmed that by 23rd Dec its system has been completely hacked. Fortunately the credit card details and other information are still secure.

The company added that for now they have hired a special team of cyber security experts to look into the matter who will soon trace the loophole in the system and will also identify the hackers.

Still the exact property which faced this issue is not confirmed but the company has asked all its customers to review their payment card statements carefully in order to track any unauthorized transaction.

For the time being the company has increased its payment security system to prevent such incidents from happening in future.

In addition to Hyatt Hotels their have been data breach in several other hotel chains this year which includes Hilton, Starwood, Mandarin Oriental, White Lodging and the Trump Collection who have also acknowledged of finding malware in their payment system.

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