How to select keywords for a website

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Collecting keywords that will best target your website; we need to consider various details, such as what relevance the keyword will have when connecting to the website, the amount of traffic a keyword will bring to the website and how competitive the website will be with other website, how to use these keywords on the website. The target audience will require visiting the webpage without overtly searching for the keyword and if this happens then it will be pleasing experience for the customer. Keywords can help rank the webpage, is a deciding factor for this, but this will not decide if the website will reach on top of the search result. The search engine look for content on the website and this is used to link the webpage in getting result for that keyword.

The factor which result in ranking websites over competitors is the use of target keyword and their optimization, keeping an eye that the keyword is not over optimized for example to use a keyword on a single webpage but not using the same keyword on every website. Good content is required for search optimization of the website, it is focused on text and images on the website. Website content is focused on using a similar set of words in the page title, description, heading and body text. This helps search engines in focusing on getting the best understanding of all websites because they are able to return better search result for their users.

The need is to create better user experience for your website content for the search engines, for that we need to select the right keywords. The best keywords include:

  • Select Keywords which best describes your service or product being provided
  • Keywords which best describes your business and industry
  • Keywords which will describe the topics of content on your website
  • Keywords that the user will consider while purchasing when they think about your product or service
  • The amount of traffic it will bring to the website
  • The same content should not be on competitors website

When selecting keywords you need to consider certain important points:

  • Consider what keywords that your customers will use when looking for your product or service. This should include most similar sounding and meaning words along with misspellings.
  • Search for these keywords in Search Engines when keeping a lookout for competitor’s website and note the keywords with the traffic it brings along with those on your competitors website.
  • Consider an online tool in searching for the keywords on your competitor’s website and check which brings the most search keywords. Also use site analytics in searching your competitor websites which bring the most traffic on the website.
  • If you already posses a web analytics software tool, then check for the keywords which will bring the most traffic to the website and also track conversions to sales of visitors, also check the keywords used by these customers.