How to Send Large Files over the Internet

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Send files over the internet can be sometime troublesome if the size of file is too large .There are basically two option to send a file over internet either send that file as email attachment or in the case of large files upload it to some file hosting website and and share the download link with the recipient.

send large file over the internet


Email providers like Yahoomail and Gmail have size cap on the attachment of 25 MB.If you insist on sending the large file using email then file -splitting utilities like HJ-Split can be used . HJ-Split splits the file in pieces of 25 MB then these chunks can be send as attachment in email messages. The recipient need download and join these parts to restore the original file.

Online storage services like Dropbox , Google Drive or OneDrive can be used to send large size files over the internet.
You can send the file up to size of 2 GB using Microsoft OneDrive. The individual file size fir Google drive is 1TB (1000GB) Dropbox can be used for file s which are even bigger as Dropbox have no size limit.

WeTransfer can be used to transfer file up to 2GB in size from browser.The uploaded file stays on the server for 7 days.

All the ways listed above needs the file uploaded to the internet before someone can download it.

There is other way which is peer-to-peer based which did not require file to be uploaded to the internet.

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