Tips to Keep Your Website Secure from hacking

Internet is more vulnerable than ever before. With the growing numbers of hackers all over the world we hear the attack of hacking on websites almost everyday. Being a website developer or website you should be aware of the tips on how to Keep Website Secure from hacking attacks.

Currently, during the LinkedIn fiasco we heard that there were many millions of passwords and account information which was stolen and sold on the internet to other companies. This has become daily news of such where hackers have been able to bypass huge security system and then force the database to provide all the information they require, but not all of these hacking have been to steal information, to use the server as a temporary storage and using the email system to send malicious emails have been the reason behind most of these cyber attacks.

In order to stop these from happening to you, you need to  concentrate on a few tips we will be giving you in this article.

CMS System

  • Firstly, choose a good CMS System which would host your website, these are useful firstly because they are pre built, and have most secure methodology of handling webpages, data and email accounts.
  • These require that when there is a security update to be done, this will be done automatically on startup and require little to none human interaction, which will stop the human error. This will also update the system and add new features which will stop the hackers from penetrating the system.
  • When there are password to be selected it would be desirable if you make your website detail that there needs to be longer password with uppercase letters and numbers to be included in the password .
  • When there is passing of login information or other features there should be the use of salt and encryption keys used by the website in transferring data which will stop the hackers from bypassing information.

Sign Up for a Web Host

Signing up for a good web hosting system can reduce most of the problems from choosing the right location and stopping hackers from picking up your website for future attacks.

  • If you use a secured web hosting companies services you do not need to worry about any security updates on your website as it will be done at the server location and help reduce the requirement for further updates.
  • SQL Injection is also another important threat which needs to be tackled, when looked at by most hackers, once a webpage gets penetrated the information about the database can be stolen and the data can be wiped out, stolen or sold to other companies.
  • Another important part which is considered is the use of XSS Scripting code which is placed on your webpage, which generally is in a scripting language such as javascript which will steal information from users and pass it to the hackers.

Designing websites with security in mind

As a website development company we we understand that designing websites with the security in mind will help the user get information from the website which is pertinent to him and will also be secure are less data driven or visual oriented and more useful to the customer.

  • Keep data stored in the database secure by not informing the user about every detail on every occasion, for example, if you enter a wrong username or password, then the  error message should not inform about every wrong step such as wrong username message for only wrong username but right password, as this will be easily targeted by the hackers.
  • When validation is done on webpages, it would be better to perform validation from the client side as well as the server side keeping in mind the information which can be stolen by including server side or scripting code which could be malicious in content.
  • Uploading files on the website can also lead to disadvantage for most website designers as some information can be stolen from the website on behest of even uploading an extra picture, for example, website which allow using jpeg images can include scripts which can steal information from the database.

Apply a Web Application Firewall

Applying a secure server firewall on the web application can save a lot of effort in securing the website, which could include the firewall along with an SSL connection to the database which would improve performance over time through improved security of the connection. There could also be penetration of the script and code on the server using features such as automated testing which could use features such as SQL Injection, which could be stopped by using website security tools which would lead to better security of the website.

Grow as Respected Member of the World Wide Web

Once, you have a functioning website, and it is secure by considering all the factors leading to better security, would lead to improved performance of the website. As you have a website which is secure from threats, now it is imperative that you provide the best server to as many people as possible leading to improved relationship with the World Wide Web.