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How to Improve Website Loading Speed

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Benefits of Faster Loading Website

Millions of websites are present online, each with its own unique design, code and template, what would make users come to your website that has thousands of options available in front of them. Most organic search believe that along with look and content of the website along with the product or services provided, the loading speed of your website also is the reason for website visits and sales. As a Website Development Company in Navi Mumbai, we understand that speed of the website depends on some important features and how they have been cropped or placed on the website.

How to increase a website speed

Size of your Website, webpages, CSS and Javascript

The memory size of your website is a deciding factor in the loading of a website, this may include the number of lines of code on your webpage, if the code is clunky and has broken links on it. If required it also depends on how many files have been externally linked to the webpage. We need to understand that the page will not load until these resources are loaded on the webpage and also the reason why each stylesheet which is loaded into the website will cause the speed of the website to slow down. We need to also consider the fact, when creating new design on top of existing website will cause the webpage to slow down in speed and new stylesheets will be added and more code will be run on the webpage.

Here is how to improve website loading speed:

Optimizing Images

In order to improve webpages being loaded at a faster speed, would be to use background colors in place of images in creating images get optimized. Even if you crop images in the background the image will still be loaded as a fully sized image and this would then be cut and loaded on the webpage. A simple way to reduce the size of the image is to resize and then upload the image beforehand hence reducing the size of the image before being loaded. Another way of optimizing images is to compress the file and then upload it on the webpage.

Caching Webpage

If the webpage loads once then it should load faster every next time, this is thought behind caching a webpage. If you can load the webpage once and all its links and content along with design is stored on the clients computer, then it will be useful in placing the information at the hand of the browser and this should be initiated by the page designer and this caching will depend on the server and customers computer settings which will be able to store the data.

Compression of Webpage and Optimizing CSS

A webpage needs to be compressed inorder to load it faster, compression can reduce the size of the webpage by 50 to 65% from your HTML and CSS and is a server setting which need to be enabled and depends on the web server and setting. As a Website Designing Company in Navi Mumbai, Another important method of optimizing is creating CSS designs by removing any deprecated functions and code and remove repeated code on multiple files which will reduce the feed size and also another important way is to reduce the size of the webpage by removing whitespaces and ensuring the file is at the smallest.

These are the methods of making webpage load faster.