How to Know the Sender’s Location in Gmail

How to Know the Sender’s Location In Gmail

Many a times we come across certain suspicious or unknown emails in our Gmail account and are unable to figure out or identify the sender.Well in that case you can atleast trace the location of the sender through the method discussed below and knowing the sender’s location will certainly give a better insight in identifying the sender.Gmail by default provides a complete detail of every email in its header file and by using that information and following the below described method you can easily figure out the sender’s location.

Steps to know sender’s location in Gmail

1.First of all you need to login to your Gmail account where you have received the unknown email and want to trace the sender’s location.

2.Now open that unknown email and click on the Down Arrow button.

3.Now select the option Show Original from the list of options and a new page will appear in a new tab.

How to Know the Sender’s Location In Gmail

4.Now in the new tab you will get the complete details of the email address along with the IP address of the sender host.You can also trace the location through time zone if the IP address is not mentioned.

How to Know the Sender’s Location In Gmail

5.Now simply copy the IP address and search it on the IP Tracer.

How to Know the Sender’s Location In Gmail

6.Now the result will give a complete information regarding the location of the sender which will help you to decide whether the particular email is safe for you or not.

So now with this method you can trace the location of any unknown email which might be harmful to your privacy or your data,so its always better to check the details first before responding to such emails.


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