How to Install WHM on Cent OS 7 on a Digital Ocean Droplet

Digital ocean is one the leading cloud hosting provider. They provide the most cost-effective cloud services available in the market. The lowest being as low as $5 a month.

If You already know how to create a digital ocean droplet then you can skip to the WHM installation part.
If you are just starting out you can follow along.

  • Open an account with Digital Ocean
  • You can sign up with them using your email id.
  • Confirm your email id and payment method.

Steps to configure a Digital Ocean Droplet

1. Create a Project


2. Add a DropLet to the Project. Choose CentOS as an image.


3. Choose the configuration of your Droplet in terms of CPU, RAM and Disk Space


4. Choose the location of your DataCenter and choose the option as given in the ScreenShot below.


5. Choose a hostname for your Droplet.
You can avoid choosing the SSH key. A password will be sent to you in the email. Now click Create


6. Now connect to your Console using the Id and Password sent to you in the email. Choose the below option.
You can also use SSH programs like PUTTY to connect.

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Installing WHM on CentOS 7

You need to run following command in the given order.

1. sudo yum install perl
2. sudo yum install screen wget
3. wget -N
4. sh latest

The complete installing can take 5-10 minutes.
After the installation, you will get a URL to login to WHM for the first time.

In case the URL expires you can generate the autologin by running the following command.


The above command will give a new URL to auto login to the WHM.

What is WHM default id and password
WHM used the username root and the same password as the server.
Changing root password using WHM will also change the root password for server login.

Important tips:-

  1. You can always upgrade your droplet and it will not affect your WHM setup in any way.
  2. You can always contact cPanel support if you are having any problem with the setup.

Update July 2019 

  • cPanel has changed their pricing and have shifted to account based pricing. However, after so much critisim they changed their pricing policy to some extent but it’s still more expensive than before.