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How to do directory submission in SEO

seo company in navi mumbai

Benefits of Directory Submission in SEO

In order to get greater traffic on your website, it is important that you link your website in organic searches when a user chooses some keyword. As more traffic is visited on the website, the more the visibility of the website both through organic searches and search of web links online. This is possible if the website is ranked higher and requires that the search engine bots access your website in searches.  As a SEO Training Company in Navi Mumbai, we understand that there are various methodologies in increasing the visibility of the website, which include directory submission, bookmarking and blogging.

Points to keep in mind while doing Directory Submission

Many online experts and search engine try to differentiate good bookmarking sites from others using the page rank of their website and this is not the correct method in considering this as most websites are ranked on a quarterly basis and is used by some and not all experts in increasing traffic. In order to know how to do directory submission for SEO we need to consider the following points:

  • Certain individual determine the effectiveness of the website by checking if the directory is paid and hence more useful. Firstly, check if the website is indexed by major search engine hence showing the effectiveness of the product.
  • Firstly consider if the search engine caches the webpage on a regular basis so that the links being submitted on this directory submission website is indexed and it is updated on a regular basis.
  • Another important method in showing up links in search engine is to check if a robots.txt file is allowing the search engines to crawl the pages on search listing.
  • Another important factor is checking for metatags which will allow the website to be crawled by search engine. Also check for the links present on the links provided by websites and check for source codes does not disallow the crawling of links by spiders.
  • Check if the appropriate category is present for your directory submission and also if there are other websites present under the same theme. As a SEO Company in Navi Mumbai, if there are no links available then bookmark the directory submission and check it after one week.
  • Also check the age of the directory submission site as there are two factors which effect it, the website may have been sold by using directory submission as it may be older than required. It is also considered renewed domain where the date is newer than considered
  • Also check if there are many empty category links present on the website and also if it has contact information on the website. This will be helpful in considering if you should wait for a week or two before submitting the link to this website.

The last point to be considered is that to read the submission guidelines before submitting a site which will tell you if your site qualifies for the directory.