AMD RX 5550 Specifications, Compatibility and Price In India

After a long time, AMD has launched a budget GPU which is focused on 1080p gaming. This will give gaming performance up to 1080p and will also be within your budget. If you remember only a few months back AMD launched RX 5700 and RX 5700XT. These GPUs were capable of 1440p and 4k gaming. Even though these cards were priced fairly but no way these cards were in the budget segment.

Now that the RX 5550 has been launched this is a continuation of the same series. Before the launch of this gaming card, there were a limited number of budget gaming CPUs. If you have used the old RX 570 and RX 580 GPUs you must have noticed that they consume more power than their Nvidia counterparts. So at this point AMD needed a new architecture So they were working on RDNA from quite some time.

This graphic card is quite similar to Nvidia 1650. Also, this graphics card will be more power-efficient than their old versions. One thing we should notice here that Nvidia1650  is very power efficient GPU and it is way ahead than RX 5550 when it comes to power efficiency. The most important thing is the price of this GPU. To this date when the article is being written AMD has not yet declared the official price for the Indian market.

AMD RX 5550 Price in India

Since AMD has compared it to Nvidia 1650 so the price might be similar to that of RX 570. So you can expect the price anywhere between 10000- 13000. If the GPU is launched at this price range it will be very interesting to watch the reply of Nvidia to this. Just FYI Nvidia too is preparing to launch their new cards. No matter the results, competition between the rival companies is always good for the consumers.