Heart Melting Happy Mothers Day Quotes and Messages for WhatsApp Status

Mother’s day is celebrated in Indian on the third Sunday Of June. In the year 2019 Mother’s day is going to be on the 12th of May. Moms are the best in the world. We bring you the best lines on mother to wish your mother a Happy Mother’s Day.

Mothers support the family like a backbone. The mother’s love is the purest form of love.

Here are some of the best quotes to wish your mom a Happy Mother’s Day with Images.

  • Mom’s are the child’s first teacher.
  • Mothers are the walking miracle on the earth who makes the home feel magical.
  • I wish I can be as happy and successful as my Mom thinks.
  • When the child is a born, a lady tune into a mother.
  • A mother can take any role, but nobody can take the role of a mother.
  • A mother’s love and compassion an individual unable to walk in the beginning, achieve impossible goals in life.
  • Always listen to your mother, she will never you bad advice.
  • Listen to your mom and you can achieve anything you want.
  • Mothers are GOD in disguise.
  • Only a mother has the ability to do things beyond her strength and deal with fears nobody can even imagine.
  • A daughter is the reflection of her mother. Strong mother makes brave daughters.
  • A mother’s heart the greatest masterpiece that GOD ever created.
  • A mother is the child’s best critic and most staunch supporter.
  • A mother cannot think just of herself. She first thinks of her child than for herself.
  • Even after the whole world has deserted you, you can still see your Mom standing by your side.
  • In the end, only the mother’s word stands true, no one else was telling you the truth.
  • After seeing four pieces of pie for a family for five, Mom announced that she actually never liked the pie.
  • I hate it when people ask my mom she does, and she says “Nothing. I’m a housewife .”
  • A mother wants to know everything, not just where you are, but how you get there and what happened next.
  • All mothers are the same relentless and caring.
  • If I could, I would trade all the fairy lights, butterflies and teddy bear to sleep beside you in peace, with our heads against each other all over again.
  • A big salute to all your sacrifices, all the miserable times you faced to keep us happy.
  • Moms are superheroes who deserve to be celebrated every day.