Xiaomi launches Mi Pocket Speaker 2 in India

  • Deovrat 

Xiaomi on the wake of many launches has launched the Bluetooth speaker in India, the Mi Pocket Speaker 2.

As the name suggests, the Mi Pocket Speaker 2 is a really compact Bluetooth speaker that is only 3.6-inch tall and 2.3-inch wide. It features a polycarbonate + ABS material for the lower body and the top is made out of anodized aluminum.

The main feature to be included in the speaker is the 5W speaker made by Tymphany, a German audio engineering company that specializes in making drivers for audio equipment. Having said that, it is a generally small speaker, so the amplitude of the voice won’t be enough to blow the roof off your house.

The speaker features Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity and a 1200mAh battery that gives it 7-hours of continuous playback.

The Mi Pocket Speaker 2 is available in black or white and is priced at INR 1499.

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