Beauty Parlour Management System- Free Download

Beauty Parlour Management System is project developed as final year or internship program for computer science students. The project uses WPF technology and is developed using Visual Studio IDE. C# is used as server side language and SQL Server is used for database. This Application can also be used to run a real beauty parlour system the functionalities fulfill the real world requirements .

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Functionalities of “Beauty Parlour Management System”

  1. Admin and Super Admin Login
  2. Add ,delete, update appointment
  3. Add ,delete, update product categories
  4. Add,delete,update products.
  5. Add, delete, update employees (admins) by the super admin
  6. Bill generation
  7. Report generation

beauty parlour management system

 How to Run the Project

The .exe file for the project is provided for download . You will need MS SQL Server to run the project.

You need to enter the MS SQL Server credentials to connect to the database.

Click here to see demo 



Download .exe                Download Source code

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19 thoughts on “Beauty Parlour Management System- Free Download

  1. Sir can I ask question..
    how do I connect the parlour.cs in sql database? I have a problem in tried to open the parlousapp.cs in visual studio but after that nothing’s happen it just open the visual studio.. and when I clicked the Start button it only said that “You need to enter the MS SQL Server credentials to connect to the database.” what is the solution for that Sir.. by the way thanks for your simple but powerful system 🙂 thanks a lot Sir.. hope you will reply to this message 🙂 Thanks 🙂

  2. sir i’m not being able to find the .exe file…it is not in the download .exe link..due to which the program is not running

    1. It’s a very old project. You might be getting the errors because of different version of MSSQL Server and .net framework.

  3. hi, i am interested this “Beauty Parlour Management System” how can i get the full code? and full system.
    if for sale pls. let me know. whatsap me 00971502467127

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