Happy Friendship Day 2019 Quotes, WhatsApp DP and Status Ideas

Good times and through bad times, friendship is forever. Friendship is celebrated to commemorate this special relationship regardless of any boundaries.

When is friendship day 2019?

Friendship day celebration falls on the first Sunday of  August. Countries including India Will Celebrate Friendship Day 2019 on 4 August 2019. Though is already Sunday, so it’s usually a holiday. Although businesses run as usual on these days.

Why do we celebrate friendship day?

The idea of friendship day first came to Dr. Ramon Artemio Bracho in the year 1958. He was having dinner with his friends. The very dinner was the starting of a great crusade called friendship day. As declared by the United Nations this is to be celebrated on 30th July. However different countries have different days to celebrate friendship day.

We might not have never thought about what is friendship. It’s very fascinating how a completely strange person becomes our best friend forever. The only plausible explanation is that friendship came from heaven to fill our lives with joy.

 Friendship day wishes

You can find some very nice friendship day images and quotes with thoughts.

We are here with awesome Happy Friendship Day Quotes with Images in English.

1) Even one Friend is enough

Even one friend is enough

2) Life is Better With Friends

3) There are friends, there is family, then there are friends that become family.

4) Friendship is the ink that can color even a black-toned paper.

5) Your best friend knows how crazy you are and still choose to be seen with you in public.

6) Million memories, hundred secrets, only one reason FRIENDSHIP.

happy friendship day pinky promise

friendship quote dog and man

happy friendship day clip-art little girls

Happy Friendship Day Wish for Girls

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