ICICI Payseal Error Codes and Their Solutions

In this article, I am going to talk about all ICICI Payseal Error Codes and their solutions. The basic errors and their are listed below.

No response From Payment Gateway or URL not Found

Error Occurred.
Error Code:2
Error Message: No response From Payment Gateway or URL not Found

This is one of the most common errors.T his error message scours when the path to the key file is wrong.

Possible Solution- put the correct physical path to the key file.

The path should look like  Key.Directory=/home/……/public_html/mg1/key/

Or try the below steps ::
Kindly Make changes in PostLibPHP.php on Line no 716
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_CAINFO, getcwd() . “\Sfa\cacert.pem”);
Kindly change the slash on this line :- curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_CAINFO, getcwd() . “\Sfa\cacert.pem”);
For Linux it should be Forward slash curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_CAINFO, getcwd() . “/Sfa/cacert.pem”);

see if this solves your problem…

PS: This error even occurs if you are an Indian Merchant and trying to make payment in overseas like UK, USA or Australia. This occurs because ICICI servers might be down for that point of time in those countries. In this case, nothing can be done. All you can do is wait. (huh)

No Suitable Acquirer Found

Error Code:2
Error Message: No Suitable Acquirer Found
Transaction detail shows status as “Rejected By Gateway”.

You should be happy if you see this error. (yeah I am not kidding). “No Suitable Acquirer Found” then you have done the integration successfully. It’s only that your account in test mode. Now you need to contact your bank and fill a form called as “mandate form” then you can get your account activated.


Invalid Credentials

Error Code:2
Error Message: invalid credentials

Possible Solution- Your Key file has got corrupted. Apply for a new key file by contacting the gateway support on    pghelpdesk@icicibank.com or call 91-022-66673128


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19 thoughts on “ICICI Payseal Error Codes and Their Solutions

  1. Error Occured.
    Error Code:2
    Error Message:Invalid Credentials

    how can i get rid of this error.i am getting this error every time i procced to make payment.although i have made all the possible changes in payment integration pages..please help me out

    1. Its already mentioned in the post. Error Occured.Error Code:2
      Error Message:Invalid Credentials occur when there is something wrong with the key file . Plz call ICICI and get a new key file . the contact detail is in the post itself. if this is not the reason then you might have provided wrong physical path to key file in “”sfa.properties”” file

  2. Hi Sir ,
    I am integrating payseal code locally.
    I am using apache server in ubuntu.
    I am giving /home/Documents/icici/key/ as key directry.
    But i am getting following error:
    Error Code:2
    Error Message: No response From Payment Gateway or URL not Found

    I am also getting some another error in error.log file the error is:

    [:error] PostLibPHP postData SSL certificate problem: unable to get
    issuer certificate ( 60 )

    Please help me . Can i test payseal transaction locally??
    I am also not aware how to store certificate file in cacert.pem file.
    It’s urgent , Please help me .

    1. you cannot use it locally. it should always be used for the domain you applied for your payseal account because the certificate issued by the gateway is domain specific.

  3. I have made my transaction live . but now getting this error

    Card Number Invalid.
    I am confused , is my gateway in live mode? Is there are test credit card number by which I can test transaction?

  4. hi sir

    I am using gateway in one of my wordpress plugin.

    Gateway is working fine when i run it from direct file( defining key directory in this way /home/Documents/icici/key ).

    But when i try to run payseal from wordpress page ( calling my plugin file by some short code ), it’s give me error: No response From Payment Gateway or URL not Found.

    Is there a different way to define key directory when calling by wordpress page?
    Thanks in advance.

  5. hi,
    I have integrated icici payment gateway Successfully.
    Now I want to update my table based on response through email id which i sent to payment gateway .
    so how do i set my Sfaresponse.php page to return same email id which i sent to gateway in Testssl page.
    Any help is appreciated.

    1. You can implement this using PHP session. You don’t need to send the email value to the gateway. You can capture the gateway response from the session variable.

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