Major Update to Gmail, Snooze email and disappearing messages

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You might have wakeup to the fresh and new look of Since it is used by the majority of the users of the web it has come with some new features for users. Google has finally updated their email application service for more functionality and slightly better visual appeal.

How to Access Gmail’s new design and features:-

To see the new design and features you need to click the Gear icon below your profile and click Try the new Gmail 

New Features added to Gmail

  • Snooze
  • Confidential mode
  • Smart reply
  • Disappearing messages

Snooze Email in Gmail

Now you can decide the time of email arrival, you can snooze your email and it will appear in the Inbox at your desired time. All the snoozed email can be seen in Snoozed folder on the left-hand side. It can be activated if you do not want to read and reply to the message immediately. In case, you forget to reply to the messages and emails, then there will be a reminder from Gmail which will nudge you to answer those emails.


Disappearing messages

Google has taken inspiration from popular networking sites such as Instagram and Snapchat to introduce disappearing messages. The deadline button which has been introduced gives the user a time-frame in order to read and reply to the message i.e. that the user won’t see the message after the given amount of time.


Confidential mode

Another inclusion is the availability of the confidential mode. In this mode the user has the power to not allow the copying, downloading, printing of messages and emails on its application. The sender can choose this option if the message is confidential or sensitive in nature.


Smart reply

The Smart reply button which was available in the app version of Google will also be available on the Web Application version of the Gmail. Apart from these new features, Google is also bringing certain features for the mobile application such as notifications of high priority that will remind you of important e-mails. Gmail will give you an opportunity to unsubscribe irrelevant offers and newsletter.

Jacob Bank further added, “The redesign was done with an eye on making people more productive and safe.” These new features are what will available in both the app and web version of Gmail after transformation. The new update will start rolling out to most users in the coming weeks.

Gmail lead product manager Jacob Bank said that the new version of Gmail will allow the users to have access to attachments right from the inbox without opening the mail.

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