Skills Required to Become a Full Stack Web Developer

So what is a full stack web developer and how many language a full stack web developer should know? Also in how much time one can become a full stack web developer?

A full-stack web developer is the need of the hour. A full-stack developer is someone who know various coding language  required to develop the front end of a website along with back-end coding languages and knows how to manage and maintain a Linux server. So this someone who can handle every aspect of a website front end back, end and the server side. And top of that he also knows how to work with a database management system typically MySQL. More advances full stack developer also knows how to work with version control system like GIT and task runner like grunt, gulp or web-pack.

Below is the list of coding language a full stack developer will actually know.

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. Node.js / Node Ecosystem (Express, NPM, etc.)
  5. SQL
  6. React
  7. Git
  8. A professional quality code editor such as VS Code
  9. The basics of deploying an app to a cloud environment such as AWS, Azure, or even just Heroku.

Other skills such as Angular, MongoDB, etc are nice to have and necessary for many jobs, but I think the technologies up above are the “must-haves” for a full-stack developer in 2019.

Other runner-ups include jQuery and Bootstrap. While neither are required (and jQuery is basically legacy at this point) they are both common enough that developers should know the basics.

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