How to Improve Website Loading Speed

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Benefits of Faster Loading Website Millions of websites are present online, each with its own unique design, code and template, what would make users come to your website that has thousands of options available in front of them. Most organic search believe that along with look and content of the website along with the product … Read more

How to select keywords for a website

Collecting keywords that will best target your website; we need to consider various details, such as what relevance the keyword will have when connecting to the website, the amount of traffic a keyword will bring to the website and how competitive the website will be with other website, how to use these keywords on the … Read more

How to Redirect HTTP to HTTPS using .htaccess File

You can easily redirect your visitor form http version of your website to https version of your website. This can be done using apache mod_rewrite. This technique makes sure that the visitor your website always goes to the https version of the website or part of your website you have implemented SSL for your website. This … Read more