Walk for money: 10+ apps that will pay you to do it

Money is said to be the most excellent motivator for human behavior. Here, we list 15 plus apps that will make you pay to walk if you’re planning on walking but lack the motivation.

In fact, you will get paid every time you walk with these apps. You can save a significant amount of money off your household bills by using some of these apps, which offer discounts on your shopping.

To enjoy these 15+ apps that pay you to walk, let’s first understand the pros of walking.

Benefits of Walking

Humans have been walking for thousands of years. Researchers have now confirmed that even our primal ancestors walked. Every normal human being does this naturally. People in prehistoric times walked long distances for food and water or shelter in search of various things.

Walking in the modern era is an entirely different experience.

After parking our vehicles somewhere far away, we walk to school, college, university, or our office. Our daily supplies are obtained by walking to the nearest store or restaurant.

Furthermore, millions of people worldwide walk to stay fit. We will be discussing fitness here.

What does medical science say about walking?

Walking has been proven to have several health benefits through medical research. We also lose weight, experience proper muscle function, and feel relieved from stress, and our metabolism speeds up and blood flow is uniform to every part of our body.

In addition to increasing testosterone and estrogen levels among males and females, walking also increases blood pressure. In this way, they remain young and vibrant.

Walking is the most basic form of exercise. It requires no gym membership or expensive home fitness equipment. A simple cotton T-shirt and shorts will work just fine. If you’re feeling thirsty or dehydrated while walking, make sure you have a water bottle nearby.

Walk for money with these apps

1. Fit Potato

Fit Potato is currently only available for iPhone users. The app is superb, and you get paid to walk. It’s as simple as downloading Fit Potato and registering. If you want to make money walking, you’ll have to carry your iPhone with you.

On Fit Potato, you’ll find several weekly challenges. Fitness activities such as walking, running and jogging should be done with these. You can compete with other runners, joggers, and walkers and earn a share of the prize money.

2. Higi

Getting paid for using Higi’s new version of the app is now easier than ever. Health checkups and fitness supplements can be bought at pharmacy stores with the money. Higi just needs to be downloaded and registered.

You can easily connect this app to any fitness tracker or smartphone based on an Android or iPhone platform. You’re automatically tracking how many steps you take with Higi while you walk. You will also receive rewards if you walk, jog, climb, and exercise.

3. Achievement

Previously, the Achievement app was very popular among Americans because it paid more for steps and exercise. During the last few months, they’ve paid $10 for 10000 steps. Doing some extra walking can earn you up to $30 per year. You can see how far you are away from getting your $10 worth of points on the app’s tracker.

You can earn money by walking and participating in other fitness activities with Achievement. Other fitness apps and Garmin can be connected to it as well. The two can thus be synced to make money.

By setting goals, you actually encourage yourself to walk. You can also win prizes occasionally in their challenges.

4. Map My Walk

There are two more variants of Map My Walk, Map My Fitness and Map My Run. Depending on what kind of fitness activity you enjoy, you can use one of these apps to earn rewards. You won’t get a hard dollar for using any of these apps. Instead, they give prizes that include Under Armour products.

For this app to work, your smartphone must have Global Positioning System (GPS) capability. It would help the app to know the location of where you started. Moreover, Map My Walk also synchronizes with FitBit, Garmin, and other smartphone apps.

5. Life Coin

Life Coin is an extremely user-friendly app. For every step you take, you will receive a reward of eponymous points. You can also connect it to your own fitness app easily. With your smartphone in your pocket, all you need to do is set your own walking, jogging or running goals.

With Life Coins, you can purchase exciting rewards such as Amazon gift cards, Apple Store vouchers or even cash. Furthermore, these Life Coins can also be donated to a charity with which the company has ties.

Life Coin offers a number of other rewards, and you can request payouts from the app itself. Payments are usually made within one week.

6. Healthy Wage

Whenever you lose weight, Healthy Wage pays you money. You can walk, jog, exercise and participate in many other fitness-related activities.

It works with betting. Basically, you’ve got to bet on how much weight you’re going to lose. If you win the bet, you get the amount back plus money extra.

For Healthy Wage, you must first calculate your weight and height. The app helps overweight Americans achieve a trimmer body, according to their age, gender, and height. Be careful about how much you wager and what you want to achieve with this app. Or you might lose money.

7. Winwalk

With Winwalk app you can count your steps while walking and it is free. Every step is rewarded with points. Each time you walk 100 steps, you get one coin. As you run, jog, fast walk, climb uphill, and climb steps, you can earn more coins.

Additionally, the app allows you to sync your personal fitness tracker. Using the gym or exercising will earn you additional points. You get $1 for every 100 points you earn with Winwalk.

8. Charity Miles

As the name suggests, Charity Miles works with charities domestically and internationally.  You can earn charity points here that you can donate. Many of these organizations exist in the United States, such as World Wildlife Fund, Wounded Warrior Project, and Feeding America. The app is only intended for charitable purposes.

For each walk and climb, you earn a specific number of points. The app allows you to track your points. It is possible to donate these points to any charity at any time, including during holidays and festivals.

9. Carrot

The carrot app is perfect for people who like to walk regularly for work, errands, or even around the house. Using the app is as simple as downloading it to your smartphone and carrying it with you. It calculates and records how many steps you take on any given day using the inbuilt pedometer.

For people who are into jogging, running or walking as an exercise, Carrot can also be paired with FitBit. This will allow you to earn more points. There is no cash payment for carrots.

In any case, you can seek payouts in the form of gift vouchers and other incredible prizes for every 10,000 points. You can also participate in fitness quiz contests to earn more points plus walking, jogging, and running competitions.

10. PK Rewards

Walking, jogging, running, and exercising earn you points with PK Rewards. So you earn points for walking, working, exercising, and running. American users love this app because it pays well for your work. Rewards can be obtained by redeeming effort points.

You earn Effort Coins when you use this app. A specific amount of cash is attached to each Effort Coin. You earn $1 for collecting 20 points while walking. To seek a payout reward, you must collect at least 200 points worth $10. You can also get more points by participating in their regular competitions.

11. StepBet

StepBet is an app that challenges you. To meet a specific goal of walking a certain number of steps per week, you must bet $40 on yourself. You will be rewarded with an extra $20 if you complete this goal.

Fitness-minded people often use this app. There’s no actual loss of money on this app. Steps must be realistic, and you must take that number of steps each week to reach those goals.

You can learn how close or how far you are from a target using the tracker in the app.

12. Fit for Bucks

For every 20,000 steps you take with your Fit for Bucks app, you’ll be rewarded with $20 in shopping vouchers. There aren’t many restrictions on how you do things. Thus, you can earn points by walking within your home and office to earn these rewards.

If you want to log these points on your app, you need to carry your smartphone while walking.

Dance, jog, run, climb, and other fitness activities also earn Fit for Bucks points. It takes 20,000 points to receive $20 in shopping vouchers. Payments are made within one to ten days after your app requests the payout.


Runtopia is mostly for fitness enthusiasts who run regularly. Daily walkers, however, are also rewarded. Again, it’s a simple, easy-to-use app. Despite the lack of cash in Runtopia, you can exchange your points for attractive prizes.


The points you earn by walking are rewarded with Lympo’s own cryptocurrency, LYM. You also get rewarded for walking indoors with this app. Walking inside your home or around your neighborhood will earn you points. Of course, for daily outdoor walks, jogs, and runs as well.

Choose stores offer prizes such as free fitness or sports goods and shopping vouchers when you earn LYM. There are a lot of prizes available, so you can choose the ones best suited to your fitness needs. It doesn’t pay cash, but they offer some fairly appealing prizes.


If you’re not familiar with Postmates, it’s an online delivery service. Their job is to deliver food to hungry customers from restaurants. Whether you have a vehicle or not, you can join Postmates and begin delivering food. Depending on the location of the restaurant and the delivery, they pay you.

The average Postmates employee earns about $25 an hour. Vehicles are usually available to them. Therefore, if you wish to generate revenue through walking, then use Postmates, but please park far from the restaurant and customer’s location. So you could walk every day.


DoorDash is a food delivery app primarily used for food. Hence, a vehicle like a motorcycle, a scooter, or even a bicycle is required for the service. Customers usually order from nearby restaurants, however.

Therefore, it is possible for you to pick up food parcels and get paid by walking to these restaurants.

DoorDash also offers the advantage of getting tips from customers who purchase food parcels from you. You will earn more income this way. However, DoorDash does provide walking and earning opportunities, though it isn’t really a fitness app.


If you know what it is, it’s a grocery store. Using Instacart to shop for different customers can make you quite a bit of money. All you need to do is download the Instacart app and join.

As you walk down the aisles of their stores to retrieve items that Instacart customers ordered, they will reward your efforts.

By shopping for others, you can earn up to $30 per day. Instacart vans and trucks will deliver the orders. Instacart typically hires part-time staff to fetch items for their grocery lists, so you get to make money as well.

Sweat Coin

Try Sweat Coin app for earning cryptocurrencies. Sweat Coin rewards you with its eponymous cryptocurrency instead of fiat money when you walk or exercise.

The reason for its popularity among Americans is that Sweatcoins can be redeemed for various shopping vouchers at outlets that have a tie-up with Sweat Coin.

If you take 5,000 steps, you receive five Sweatcoins. You could earn twice as many Sweatcoins with a paid or premium membership. Sweatcoins can be redeemed for gift cards at select stores. Get paid when you’ve collected 20,000 Sweatcoins. You can get $100 for this amount of Sweatcoins.


Dog walking jobs are readily available nearby with Rover’s app. Pet lovers are very likely to download this app. Your services are most commonly sought after by senior citizens, stay-at-home moms, and busy individuals through Rover.

A dog walker is responsible for visiting the homes of customers and walking their pets, based on instructions from their owners. You make more money if you take several dogs simultaneously.


Wag is an app that enables dog owners to find pet walkers on demand. This app is popular across America both among dog owners and walkers. Generally, busy persons look for on-demand dog walkers through this app.

Your work to walk a pet could be for a day or even longer, depending upon the owner. The app displays the location and timings for walking dogs. This helps you to walk more dogs at the same time and earn higher income.

Walgreens Balance Rewards

If you shop at Walgreens often, consider using the Walgreens Balance Rewards app. Visit Walgreens’ website and register to receive Walgreens Balance Rewards. Get started earning points by downloading the app after registering successfully.

Using a smartphone, you can count your steps as you walk. As a result, you’ll earn Balance Rewards points. Points can be redeemed in Dollars for their value.

Your fitness tracker is automatically linked to the app. They recommend fitness trackers that you can link to the app, or you can use your own. Each mile you walk will earn you 20 Walgreens Balance Rewards points. In addition to exercising, running, and climbing stairs, you can also earn points by losing weight.


Gigwalk lets you take on small gigs at any time and place where you’re at. In order to become a gig walker, you need to keep your smartphone’s location services on.

It shows all sorts of gigs near you that are happening in the area when it detects that you are in that area.

You could take the gig and you could visit the site to accomplish simple tasks when you have free time. For example, you might help in the garden, clean, pack, move furniture, or work on plumbing or electrical equipment.

Your customers will pay you through the app, and you will be paid on Wednesdays and Saturdays by Gigwalk.

Wrap Up

These 15+ apps offer cash incentives and other rewards to encourage you to walk as part of your daily routine if you’re serious about fitness. It is completely free to use these apps. You can therefore download these and start earning some extra money or winning prizes right away.