Xiaomi halts COD option for Redmi Note 5 Pro to curb unauthorized reselling

Xiaomi put up as many as 3 lakh units of its newly launched Redmi Note 5 Pro during its first sale, and despite the numbers the handset was sold out in under three minutes. That’s not a new phenomenon. People in India, who’ve been following the trend and queuing up in lines on the internet looking to buy a new Xiaomi phone (or any Xiaomi product for that matter), are quite familiar with the dynamics. Xiaomi, on Tuesday, sort of acknowledged that buying its phones could be excruciating for consumers. Especially when there are some people who purchase the phones, not for themselves, but to sell off, often at higher prices.

In order to curb the unauthorized reselling of its newly launched Redmi Note 5 Pro, Xiaomi on Tuesday announced, that it was temporarily halting the cash on delivery option for the upcoming sales of the Redmi Note 5 Pro on mi.com and Flipkart. “In order to restrict reselling, we have decided to remove COD payment option for the upcoming sales of Redmi Note 5 Pro on mi.com and Flipkart (only for the initial few sales). This would give a better chance to our Mi fans to purchase our products. We have always and will continue to stringently discourage unauthorized reselling across all our channels,” Xiaomi said in a blog post.

Instances of people buying its new phones and then selling them off at seemingly higher prices, on both online as well as offline platforms, aren’t new or surprising. Such people often entice potential buyers into buying these phones – at higher prices – on the subjected of guaranteed availability. Something that isn’t guaranteed by Xiaomi itself unless it’s a phone like the Redmi Note 4 that’s readily available now across platforms.

The company, in a bid to make more and more of its phones available for buying, opened its own offline Mi Home stores, and also tied up with third-party resellers, something that it’s continuing to do as we speak. But apparently it’s not enough and Xiaomi is itself acknowledging this fact now although it also goes on to show the blazing popularity of its phones in the Indian market, something that is also pulling hoarders into making a quick buck out of it. While dropping COD is a start, it would be also better, if Xiaomi could churn out more units and also be a little more transparent in letting potential buyers know the number of units that would be available for grabs beforehand so they may be better prepared. The flash sale concept, as a whole, is frustrating for buyers. It is about time, Xiaomi lets go of the concept, for each of its phones and not just the ones that become popular with time.