Instagram traps data without a Download Your Information tool

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it may not seem a viable solution to Delete Facebook considering there isn’t no viable alternative to it, but atleast you can export all your data on your computer. While this may not be an available option on Instagram. This makes it a dicey situation for users who are at the mercy of Instragram’s policies. Even though there are third party sites and software which can help back up the data and photos, the problem is that it requires a password and user agreement.

Facebook had launched its version of Download Your Information tool back in 2010, when they were 6 years into business. With the help of this software you can export a zip file of all your status updates, photos, profile info, messages, friends list and a whole lot more. At that time there were many social networks, and you could easily export all the data and move to another social networking site if required. But the drawback comes in connecting with the friends you had on facebook as it required more than just the name which was being displayed and required you to have more information to find htem. But at least you get all the content you created.

As this may seem a little harsh not to have the same tool in Instagram even though it has been eight years since its inception and requires a third party tool to perform the task. The Spokesperson also admitted, “There is no Data Portability tool on Instagram.”

To make things difficult there isn’t a way to download the pics and photos which you share on your feed directly on the site. In most other apps and websites all you need to do is hold and tap on the photo to download them. The only method of saving the photos is using the share button and the “Send by Email” option on the site. Otherwise, you need to set Instagram to save images when you post them.

Considering how it’s a popular website, there are a few third party sites which can download all your Instagram data but their policies seem to be a concern. Vibbi InstaPort, Insta Saver, 4K Download and Picodash are a few. These services require to log in to their site, and use your username and password to back up your data, but it may come in problem with hackers. And it is also not known what can happen to those images once they are exported. And the fact that some of these services, like InstaPort, can be made to sell the list of your followers which show how it can be misused. The only way to do this is to use an open source version InstaLoader, but require you to install and know a little technical knowledge to do so.

If you use an app to download all the information of Instagram on your computer or phone, then the images, the friends, the information you put online through comments, like and share will also be trapped in the app. The European GDPR privacy law goes into effect on May 25th, and if Instagram is to remain useful in Europe then it would require a Data Portability app as soon as possible. Perhaps Congress should ask Zuckerberg about this during his testimonies over the next two days.

The problem facing the owners is that with portability, there is chances that a rival may appear to Instagram as the data can be uploaded to that site. Snapchat’s ephemerality makes it too different. With this you can see that there will be nowhere to go for the users if they are angry and fed up with the Instagram policies and site.  This is the reasons why these two sites have their supremacy and why movements such as #DeleteUber has caught with much more traction on Twitter than #DeleteFacebook. Those pissed at Uber could switch to Ola without changing their behavior much. There’s no equivalent alternative to Facebook or Instagram.

Hence before the issue gets resolved, Instagram needs to make sure that the users can port their photos without losing it on Instagram if they close their account If instagram and Facbeook are going to remain united as one company, the same policies should govern both the sites, and it should include a data portability app on both sites. That way, if someone actually did build a decent competitor, users could choose where they want to put their windows to the world. At the Download Your Information tool launch in 2010, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself said, “Stuff that you put into the site, you should be able to take out.”

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