All Nokia phones from HMD Global will get Android P

After the announcement recently of the new Nokia 5.1, 3.1 and 2.1, HMD Global has some good news to share about the new operating system Android P. the company’s Global Marketing Manager, Niel Broadley, confirmed recently that Android P will be available on each and every smartphone made by the company. This is part of the commitment made of pure and fast updates.

All the smartphones made by Nokia including the Nokia 1 to the flagship 8 Sirocco will receive Android P. that also includes the freshly announced devices from earlier today. Most of the phones included in the list are still in the 2-year guaranteed update window that Google demands for flagship updates. Nokia 7 the newest smartphone from Nokia already has the Android P as a member of the beta program.

HMD Global has been doing a great job of keeping their devices updated. Android Oreo rolled out to the Nokia 3 in April, Android 8.1 was sent to the 6 and 5 in March. HMD Global also is supporting the Android Enterprise Recommended Program. That’s thanks in large part to their commitment to Android One and Android Go, which are essentially stock Android devices. It’s amazing how much easier it is to keep phones up to date when there isn’t OEM skins or carriers to worry about.

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