AMD Processors for Server and Data Centers

The AMD Epyc series is a line of processors designed for server and data center applications. These processors are based on the Zen microarchitecture and offer high performance, scalability, and reliability for workloads such as virtualization, databases, and HPC (high-performance computing).

Here is a list of some AMD Epyc processors:

  1. AMD Epyc 7763
  2. AMD Epyc 7713
  3. AMD Epyc 7702P
  4. AMD Epyc 7662
  5. AMD Epyc 7552
  6. AMD Epyc 7502P
  7. AMD Epyc 7452
  8. AMD Epyc 7402P

AMD Epyc processors are available in a range of core counts, clock speeds, and TDPs to suit different server and data center needs. They support advanced features such as DDR4 memory, PCIe 4.0, and AMD’s Secure Encrypted Virtualization technology.

AMD Epyc processors are used in a variety of server and data center systems, including servers, storage systems, and cloud computing platforms. They offer an alternative to Intel’s Xeon processors, which are also commonly used in these applications.