11 Awesome Digital Marketing and SEO Ideas for Doctor

Becoming a Doctor is itself an uphill struggle. Congratulations on that, but as they say life is a constant struggle. You perhaps landed on this article because now you are looking for ways to get more patients. After all whats a doctor without a patient. Whether you are running a big or medium size hospital, you have a clinic or you just want to make your practice visible on the internet,

Great Alternative to Adobe Creative Cloud Apps

Adobe creative cloud offers a great set of apps for creators of all levels. With plans starting at 10$ per month and going from there depending on what price you choose. In this post you will get to know about great creative cloud alternative including Photoshop and Premier Pro. Adobe light is a photo editing and management tool all in one. Raw Therapy- it’s great at editing raw photo format

AMD RX 5550 Specifications, Compatibility and Price In India

After a long time, AMD has launched a budget GPU which is focused on 1080p gaming. This will give gaming performance up to 1080p and will also be within your budget. If you remember only a few months back AMD launched RX 5700 and RX 5700XT. These GPUs were capable of 1440p and 4k gaming. Even though these cards were priced fairly but no way these cards were in the

List of AMD processors with onboard graphics

AMD is giving tough competition to Intel terms of budget CPUs. The Ryzen series helped AMD get the major part in the processor market. Gamers might still be sceptical with AMD but for productivity, AMD is still way ahead. With onboard graphics, the Ryzen processors are giving one notch up. Next time when you get yourself a new pc doesn’t forget to look whether it has onboard graphics or not.

Skills Required to Become a Full Stack Web Developer

So what is a full stack web developer and how many language a full stack web developer should know? Also in how much time one can become a full stack web developer? A full-stack web developer is the need of the hour. A full-stack developer is someone who know various coding language  required to develop the front end of a website along with back-end coding languages and knows how to

10 Best Payment Gateway in India and their Charges

While running my consulting business I often get a request for the eCommerce website, then I end up explaining my clients a payment gateway is. Most of the time I choose the payment gateway for my client. In India, we have a big list of Payment Gateway Processors to choose from. All vary in terms of charges, processing fees, annual maintenance, and several other features.  So with this article, I