100 Whatsapp Status for Programmers and Coders

Become a programmer, lose your brain’s virginity. Those who can’t write programs, write help files. If I went binary, you would be the ‘1’ for me. My code never has […]

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Review of Truehoster Domain Hosting Provider

Truehoster is a web hosting company which provides hosting at extremely cheap rate. The company is BelCloud Hosting corporation which is situated in Revolution Ave, Seychelles. This company is providing just […]

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Tips to Keep Your Website Secure from hacking

Internet is more vulnerable than ever before. With the growing numbers of hackers all over the world we hear the attack of hacking on websites almost everyday. Being a website […]

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Difference Between Shared, VPS and Dedicated Hosting

Web masters or web designer or anybody who want to get his/her website often go through this dilemma while choosing the suitable hosting service for his website. There are lots […]

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Advantages of Using PHP over ASP.Net

Advantages of scripting languages such as PHP and ASP.Net over each other, requires no great thought processing; both the languages have their own set advantage over each other. These advantages […]

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How to Improve Website Loading Speed

Benefits of Faster Loading Website Millions of websites are present online, each with its own unique design, code and template, what would make users come to your website that has […]

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How to do directory submission in SEO

Benefits of Directory Submission in SEO In order to get greater traffic on your website, it is important that you link your website in organic searches when a user chooses […]

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