Summer 2021 reading recommendations from Bill Gates

Bill Gates, a billionaire philanthropist, has shared his summer reading lists for 2021. Gates recently shared in a blog post that he chooses his next book randomly. Gates said that he now finds himself reaching for books on the complex relationship between humans and nature. Perhaps it’s because a virus ruined so many people’s lives. … Read more

6 Best Cryptocurrency Affiliate Program to Make extra income

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency that accounts for over 80% of all transactions. More than 50%The entire cryptocurrency market capitalization. Trading on cryptocurrency has been adopted by millions of people around the globe. This is the right time to look for passive income opportunities that allow you to make money with cryptocurrency. This post is … Read more

Gift cards for cash: 17 Best Places to Sell Them

Gift cards are always popular gifting options, especially during the holiday season. You can also buy them when you’re unsure of what to get for someone.Yet, for many who get gift cards every season, it can become a bit difficult – especially when their tastes do not precisely match the cards and when, instead, they … Read more

11 proven ways to earn money online in India

After Covid-19, online jobs and work from home jobs have become a hot trend. You can now find dozens of top online jobs without any investment without investing in your own computer. Earlier, there were only a few online jobs. Compared to regular office jobs, online jobs pay better, and in the next few years, … Read more